2020 changed everything, including our priorities. Things that we thought we couldn’t live without, have been kept in a corner for months. And the ones we always ignored are coming to our rescue. 

Here we look at the former. 

1. Bras

Bras have been done away with, for good. I don’t wear one even though I have started stepping out for essentials. Over-sized shirts, FTW. 


2. Passports

Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon… bus rukna nahi chahta. We are all living Bunny’s worst dream and passports are chilling inside a file in a drawer that hasn’t been dusted for months. 

Oh, you guys do cleaning? Fine fine.


3. Summer clothes

The floral print dresses, the cute crop tops, the dungarees…sigh! 


4. Heels/Formal shoes 

Someone said ‘my heels must be thinking I have died’, and I felt that.

Blogspot/Lets Stay/J-Me

5. Iron

2 hi kapde pehne hain 4 mahinon mein. So, well.


6. Sunglasses

You won’t need sunglasses if you start your day after sunset. Smart!


7. Power banks

They were our lifelines. This lack of attention must be hurting them a lot.


8. Tie

It’s a no-tie world now. They are pre-historic items.


9. Jeans

Possibly the worst sufferers. Only jeans have a bigger identity crisis than me right now.


10. Jhumkas

Jhumka gira re…aur gira hi reh gaya. Where to wear them?


11. Handbags

Everything I need is on my bed. My bed is my house now. What are handbags again?


12. Perfume

Because not smelling great has to be one of the most trivial concerns in 2020.


13. Cars

Once every week, I start it just to see if its still working. We will be reunited, old friend.


14. Wristwatch

What’s the use of watches when the whole concept of time seems like an illusion?


15. Lipsticks

In 2020, friendship ended with lipsticks & masks became our best friends.


16. Suitcases

2020 didn’t ‘suit’ suitcases. 

Okay, I’ll stop.


We miss you.

Well, not bras. No one misses them.