The advent of the coronavirus has had some unexpected side-effects to life in the country. After all, as things around us shut down, the way we function also changes. From market slowdowns to other collateral effects, here’s how the virus has changed things up.

1. Chemist shops are running out of hand sanitizer.

As panic over the virus takes over the national capital, one of the main preventives – hand sanitizer – has been flying off the shelves. The WHO has suggested using it through the day, which has led to a massive demand and an ensuing lack of supply.

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2. The demand for face masks has skyrocketed, leading to higher prices.

People have also been using face masks to avoid contracting the virus when they’re outside. Unfortunately, the sudden spike in requirement has led to low stocks. The shops that are stocking masks have jacked prices up.


3. India has had to curb key drug exports due to a shortage of ingredients from China.

The outbreak has seriously stunted the output of Chinese factories which supply India’s vast drug industry with ingredients for antibiotics and vitamins. As the shortage was felt in India, the government stopped the export of several drugs, which can have global effects. 


4. Indian manufacturers in the telecom and mobile phone sectors are facing a disruption.

These are sectors that are dependent on inputs from China. Due to the shortfall, alternate sources have to be explored.

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5. The slowdown in the Chinese economy could mean Indian exporters supply more in the global market.

There are apparently around 500 products where Indian exporters can plug global supply gaps. The identified products can be manufactures in India, giving a boost to those sectors.

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6. Air India and IndiGo have suspended flights to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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As you can tell, this global virus has had some pretty unexpected side-effects vis a vis our country. The priority however, is to stay safe and healthy, folks.