It’s been little over a year since ‘that press conference‘ with PM Modi in 2019, the one involving several questions directed at the PM being answered by Amit Shah. Held on May 17, 2019, this was the first press conference Modi took in 5 years, and it was notable for him deflecting every single question to his right-hand man. Since that fateful day, a lot has happened – and I mean a lot. So much so that we made a list!

1. A little something called the anti-CAA protests; A nationwide movement that saw unparalleled levels of state-controlled brutality against citizens fighting discrimination.


2. A global pandemic got us by the balls and hasn’t let go since. 

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3. We’ve gone through three lockdowns, with the first one being announced just 4 hours before being put in effect.


4. We’ve had a massive migrant crisis that has seen the poor starve, walk 1000s of kilometres, and be treated worse than any human should be.


5. China apparently waltzed in and took 60 square km of land from us. Up to 12,000 Chinese troops pushed over the border into India last month, annexing territory in Ladakh.

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6. A locust swarm invaded several parts of India and destroyed a massive amount of food crop, causing extreme distress to farmers.


7. Delhi experienced 11 earthquakes in a span of just 2 months, with a stronger one expected in the near future. 

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8. A gas leak near a National Park in Assam caught on fire, destroying a highly endangered wildlife area and upsetting a rare ecosystem.


9. Floods in Assam in July 2019 affected at least 43 Lakh people, and 95% Of Kaziranga Park was submerged.

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10. The deadly cyclone Amphan caused widespread destruction and damage in West Bengal, killing up to a 100 people.


11. 1 Indian was killed and 4 injured in firing by Nepal police near the Indian border with Bihar.


12. A mob of masked goons stormed JNU, injuring several students and staff apart from destroying a lot of property. Many of the key accused have still not been arrested.


13. BJP MP Anurag Thakur leads a crowd in an inflammatory chant of ‘desh ke gaddaron ko, goli maaro saalo ko‘.

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14. A gun-wielding man opened fire on anti-CAA protesters near Jamia Millia Islamia while shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram, yeh lo azadi‘.


Just a little reminder.