The voting for the first phase of the general elections has begun and voters around the nation will decide the fate of 1300 candidates who are contesting for 91 constituencies across 20 states and Union Territories in the Lok Sabha elections.

However, this time, a huge chunk of these voters (approximately 8.4 crore) are voting for the first time. Here are a few things every first-time voter should know about.

Check your name on the electoral roll on the Election Commission website.

You can log on to the Election Commission website to check your name on the electoral roll for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. This way, there will be no confusion for you and you can confirm it that you are on the official list prepared for voters.

You also have the option of sending an SMS ‘<ECI>space<EPIC number>’  to 1950. Your EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card, also known as Voter ID Card) number is printed on the card.

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The EC has a Toll-free voter helpline number (1950) you can call on for queries.

For your convenience, the Election Commission has set up a toll-free helpline (1950) for voters. Its purpose is to provide necessary assistance to voters, especially first-timers, regarding any information about the Lok Sabha Elections.

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Use the cVIGIL app to report candidates/parties for violating the MCC.

The Election Commission has brought in the Moral Code of Conduct to set some guidelines for the contesting candidates and political parties. 

The purpose that the cVIGIL app serves is that you have the right to report any candidate or party if they’re found violating said guidelines.


There are some latest modifications in the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM).

For the first time, the Electronic Voting Machine will have pictures of the candidates along with the party symbol so that it becomes convenient for the voter, especially a first-time voter, to cast their vote sans any confusion.

The machine will also be installed with a Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) which is a technique to provide feedback to the voter and to prevent fraud or malfunction. The VVPAT will consist of the candidate’s name and party symbol. It has to be destroyed before the voter leaves the room.


Do your proper research on candidates/political parties on the EC website.

You have the option of logging on to the Election Commission website and educating yourself about all the contesting candidates and their political parties. This will help you in making a decision by giving you a clear sense of who to vote for based on your preferences.

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The Polling booth has specific timings.

Usually, the voting process starts around 7 AM to 8 AM, before which the polling officers set up their equipment and cast mock votes in order to proof-check everything.

Even though the voting officially ends at 6 PM, any voters who’re still waiting in the queue at the time are allowed to enter the polling booth to cast their vote.

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This is how you can cast your vote at the Polling booth .

At the polling booth, the first polling officer checks your ID proof after which the second officer will ink your finger. You will be given a slip to sign and deposit it with the third polling officer and after showing your inked finger, you can enter the polling booth and cast your vote.

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You can now show your other ID proofs to cast your vote.

The EC has changed the rule of using only Voter ID cards to cast our votes and now there’s a whole list of ID proofs that voters can show. After registering yourself as a voter on the Election Commission’s website, you can choose to show any of the following ID proofs while voting:

EPIC (Voter ID card), passport, driving licence, Pan card, Aadhaar card, Service identity card of the state government or the central government, passbook issued by bank or post office, pension document with a photograph and a few others.

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Please don’t forget to vote.