It’s Independence day! As happy as we are to celebrate our 75th Independence day, what do you think we will miss out on this time? The past two years have been so different for all of us. We could hardly celebrate things like before.

And you and I both know what we would actually do on Independence day. But, it’s going to be different this time. Let’s see how.

1.  We lost out on a public holiday we deserve.

This year it’s on Sunday, which means we will lose one holiday. And if that’s not all, work from home has ensured that every day feels like the same, which is just as much of a bummer. I know it breaks my heart too. I mean, not working on weekdays is a different kind of happiness we will miss this year.  

2.  No free snacks this year.

Okay, don’t tell me you only got up early for flag hoisting. How can you forget those awkward conversations with aunties and uncles around just to have those free snacks. Especially jalebi and samosa. Oh god, I am getting nostalgic here. But, due to Covid restrictions, we will miss this one out. 

3. Remember how you woke up to patriotic songs? Yeah, you will miss that.

If you remember, we all woke up to listening to those patriotic songs, be it in our society or someone from our family. It literally destroyed our sleep, and we all got terrified about it. 

4. You’ll miss singing the national anthem at school.

Though schools are shut, and many students are happy about it. But, don’t you miss the speeches, performances, and the flag hoisting where we would sing the national anthem at the top of our voice? The best part was going home early.  

5. It will be hard to stay at home.

It’s always a holiday, and that sounds like a plan for everyone. Stepping out to have that perfect breakfast, to meet your friends and family. Celebrating the feeling of freedom was a different thrill on this day.  

6.  I know you will also miss wearing that one white outfit you have.

Remember that one outfit which you specially kept for Independence day? From offices to society functions, If you were attending any celebrations, wearing white was mandatory.  

Here’s to missing all those wondering things and celebrating our freedom, wishing you all Happy Independence day!