Since the advent of the ‘Twitter-era’, it has become very normal for us to see someone or the other being trolled for the strangest of reasons. We are talking about intimate/personal choices of people that no one should have the right to comment on. Here, we list some of them.

1. Visiting a temple structure because it’s part of our cultural history, irrespective of our religious beliefs.

2. Choosing to stay or end a relationship with a partner if it’s not working out without having to clarify it to the world.

3. Marrying whoever someone chooses to as long as it’s consensual, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, etc.

4. What they are wearing to their loved one’s funeral because it is basic goddamn decency. 

5. Not being good at English because knowledge of a language doesn’t reflect on a person’s capabilities. 

6. Having a political opinion and/or wanting to know more about a protest happening in some part of the world.

7. The colour of their skin because it’s plain racism and cannot be passed off as a ‘joke’.

8. Wearing the clothes of their choice.

Indian Express

9. Their weight because there is a lot of toxicity in the world already and no one needs to feel bad for how they look.

10. Making life choices that one has or hasn’t moved on from. It’s their life and they can do whatever they want. 

11. Who someone is dating or how many partners they have had, and how quickly they move on from a breakup.

12. What sexual orientation/gender a person identifies with, because it’s their choice to make and no one gets to have an opinion on it. 

The Wire

13. Having a child, not having a child, the age someone decides to have a child. 

14. For merely playing with friends who practice some other religion.

15. Choosing to carry a loved one’s bier irrespective of gender.

Work on your thinking, try to grow, and until that happens, keep your opinions to yourself.