As I shuttle between my table, bed and couch, deciding where to work, I can’t help but picture what my life was like before this whole pandemic happened. As we look back, I asked a couple of my friends what were a few things they took for granted but now in retrospect, seem so valuable.  

1. Detoxing after a tiring day at work

It was almost every day that I’d look forward to “me time” after a stressful day at work, where I’d decide what to watch as a way of rewarding myself for all the hard work I’d done for the day. I’d rather earn that watch time instead of just having the option to binge watch shows all day!

2. Having a routine

Is it just me who misses having a routine in their life? Like getting up, working out, getting ready after a shower, picking out an outfit and heading to work? Some things were so much part of our muscle memory that now that the pattern is broken, things feel out of place.

3. Meeting or hanging out with friends 

It is now that I regret all the plans I’ve cancelled in the past just because I was too lazy to take a shower and leave the house. What would I not do now to step out and engage in some human interaction?

4. Health and our body 

Coronavirus seems to be teaching us basic elementary hygienic habits and reminding us that our body needs to be taken care of and cannot be taken for granted.

5. Stepping out for a meal

I definitely think I took my freedom and the ability to move around for granted. Going out for dinner when it felt like or making last-minute gym plans or quickly paying a visit to the grocery store were all things I could just do. But now, even if I have the time and money, it seems difficult to do all these basic things.

6. Work-life balance 

Considering the way work at home has pretty much screwed up our concept of time management and working hours, I miss there being a clear divide between my work and my life outside of it. Now it all seems pretty jumbled up.

7. Going out for a smoke break

 If I’m just too stressed and need to take a break, earlier I would just step out with a colleague for a smoke break and get back with a better frame of mind.

8. Calling the electrician to fix the Wi-Fi 

If my internet had issues, I’d just call someone to come and fix it. Now, I just fear what may happen if the only good thing in my life right now (the internet) also dies!?

9. Giving in to the midnight cravings and ordering dessert 

Kind of unhappy now that I won’t be able to just order hot chocolate fudge at 1:00AM and have it delivered to me by 1:30AM.

10. Taking my dog out for a walk 

While it’s true that I would whine about taking my dog to walk earlier, now I miss doing that. Ek bahaana toh mil jata bahaar jaane ka!

I think we’re all in the same boat and what each one of us wants and we’re eagerly waiting for, is for this corona phase to pass so we can get our lives back!