According to a new study a mother’s genes determines the intelligence. According to a new research story in Psychology spot a child’s intelligence is more dependent on a mother as intelligence is located in the X chromosome which inherited from the mother. Women have two of X chomosome while men have one. 

Scientists used modified mice as a experiment to establish the above. It was found that mice with extra dose of maternal genes had “bigger” brains but smaller bodies while the ones with extra dose of paternal genes had “smaller’ brains and bigger bodies. 

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Researchers found that paternal genes were found in parts of the limbic system which is responsible for functions like sex, food and aggression whereas they were not found in cerebral cortex which is linked to functions like reasoning, thought and language. 

Only 40-60% studies is  estimated to be hereditary. Rest depends on factors like environment, emotional and personal characteristics. 

Around 12,686 children were interviewed between the ages of 14 and 22 and it was found the best way to predict a child is by measuring the mother’s IQ level. 

(Feature image source: Reuters)