You have to appreciate the energy and vivaciousness of this woman. 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin recently paid a visit to The White House and managed to overshadow the residents of the building.

b’Source: Reuters’

Apparently, this bubbly old woman was so excited when she met US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle that she could not control her child-like excitement and went on giggling while having a endearing banter with the Obamas.  And then she showed off some nifty dance moves.

McLaurin said she was very happy to meet United States’ first black president and his “black” wife, all while holding Obama and Michelle’s hands.

Watch the whole action here:

The special guest was invited to meet the president as part of Black History Month celebrations. According to a report by The Independent, she told the Obamas: “I am so happy to have a black president and a black wife… And I’m here to celebrate black history”

b’Black History Month at White House/Source: AFP’

Mrs McLaurin had expressed her desire to meet Prez Obama and his family through a White House petition in 2014, reports The Telegraph. She repeated her request in a YouTube video uploaded in December, 2014. 

Here’s her appeal: