Pizza is the universal favourite food. And this kid went to great lengths to get his slice of pizza. 

Manny Beshara is a 5-year-old from Orlando, Florida who called 911 because he was hungry for pizza. In an audio-clip shared of the dispatch call, Manny can be heard saying, ‘I want you to bring me a pizza please.’

Talking to Manny’s sister Madonna, she revealed that she had left her brother for a little while to make him a bowl of cereal. In that small minute Manny got a hold of his sister’s phone and dialed 911. Madonna recalls the incident, 

Two seconds later I answered (the phone and it) was the sheriff’s department. I was like, ‘oh God, what did he do?’

The stars of the show were the three police officers who responded to the call and conducted a well-being check. And they bought a large pizza and personally delivered it to their house. 

Along with the pizza, the policemen also delivered an important lesson – that 911 is only for emergencies. Manny also returned the favour, as he delivered 2 large pizzas to the police station along with his sister and mother. Sanford Police Chief Cecil E. Smith said, 

I think the little man understands now what 911 is about. Having the officers go out and have that life experience with the young man — that is outstanding.