Who is a changemaker? Anyone. It can be anyone. From the person making changes in public policies to the person working their hardest at a grass-root level, everyone deserves equal recognition and appreciation! One such instance is of R Pappammal from Coimbatore. 

The HIndu

R Pappammal, a 105-year-old has been awarded the Padma Shri this year for shedding light on organic farming. Since she comes from a long line of agriculturists, she has worked closely with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University through the years.

The Hindu

And so, through all the people she met while working with the college, she came across the term ‘organic farming.’ From that point onwards, R Pappammal began learning how to farm without the use of harmful chemicals. Slowly, over time, the Agricultural University started sending students to her farm to learn from her. She became known for her clean farming practices. 

The Better India

This wasn’t a one-sided association though, Pappammal was also invited to visit farms in several other cities (via the college), to learn from them, and to impart them with the knowledge she had. Her immense hard work and intelligence lead to her gaining quite a reputation. So, no wonder she has been awarded the Padma Shri! To be 105, and to still be open to learning, while also constantly working at helping society – is a phenomenal way to live life. In fact, she’s received a lot of love from netizens. 

Here are some of the wonderful reactions this Tweet received. 

We think she is pretty darn cool!