Some self-appointed moral custodians think this is how our society is getting corrupted—women because of mobile phones and men because of alcohol. So what is the solution? Just ban everything because who cares about individual rights and freedom. 

b’Source: Reuters’

Just yesterday, a village in Gujarat banned mobile phones for unmarried women. And today, the panchayat of Basauli village in Aligarh has put a complete ban on use of phones by girls below 18 years.  

What if you flout the ban? 

Well, get ready to sweep the village roads along with your family as punishment. For eight days.

And there is more. The Basauli panchayat also ordered a complete ban on liquor sale and consumption. If anyone is found selling or drinking liquor, he too will have to clean the village roads.

b’Source: Reuters’

Ramvir Singh, a village elder told ANI,

“Any person found selling or drinking liquor would be given corporal punishment. Any girl under the age of 18, if found with a mobile phone, would be given corporal punishment for eight days and not any economic sanction. As part of corporal punishment, a person would sweep half-a-kilometer of road.” 

Meanwhile, Sanjay Chouhan Additional District Magistrate of the city said that no one has the right to take the law in his hands, and whichever organisation is prohibiting constitutional rights of an individual, would be severely dealt with.

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