Age is just a number, and this 84-year-old Indian man, Sushil Kumar has proven just that. Most people chose to retire at that age, looking for a life of peace and quiet, but Sushil chose to jump off from 13,000 feet while skydiving in Dubai!  

“I believe in gathering experience, rather than wealth,” said Sushil before taking the plunge at Skydive Dubai’s Palm Dropzone, looking badass as ever. In a video shared by Skydrive Dubai, Sushil can be seen looking ecstatic after his adventure of a lifetime.

I am told it lasts for only 60 seconds,” he said. “However, time is relative, and 60 seconds can feel like one hour.

-Sushil Kumar

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A resident of Bangalore, Sushil was holidaying in Dubai with his family when this adventurer decided to add this feather to his hat. While most people lose their cool once they’re falling from the sky, Sushil was calm and composed, enjoying the view, “It’s an excellent view, I’ve never seen a prettier place than this,” he said. “It was a wow experience! Now that I have done it, and I have done a lot, this is the best,” Sushil added. 

Gulf News

This isn’t the first time Sushil has decided to push his limits while looking for an adrenaline rush! In the past, he’s gone scuba diving and even climbed the Mount Everest. What an inspiration! 

Maybe the paraglider from Rishikesh could take a leaf out of Sushil’s book?