Haryana, which has one of the most stringent laws in place against cow slaughter, has decided to take enforcement to another level this Bakri Eid on September 11.

The state’s only Muslim-dominated district of Mewat will be under heavy surveillance after the government’s Gau Sewa Ayog has given Haryana police the responsibility of collecting biryani samples from street vendors to check if the meat used is beef, reports Times Of India.

Gau Sewa Ayog chairman, Bhani Ram Mangla, said this task has been assigned to the police after they received several complaints of biryani vendors serving beef.

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This interestingly won’t extend to other meat preparations like kebabs and curries, because Mangla believes “selling beef openly is difficult,” whereas it’s “easier to camouflage it by adding rice”.

The police have been instructed to arrest vendors on the spot if they are found to be selling beef.

In Haryana, you can be jailed up to 10 years if found guilty of cow slaughter.

(Feature image source: Twitter | @HuffPostIndia)