It is often said that if one has the required grit and determination towards one’s goal, nothing can stop one from achieving it. So here is the story of a young man in Bengaluru who is living his dream of working as a traffic warden despite having lost his legs to Polio.

Twenty-year-old Mohammad Salman lost his legs when he was in his teens. However, he was always fascinated about traffic police and their work. He would spend hours watching the officers in khaki doing their duty. 

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Determined to join the force, he approached the city’s Shivajinagar traffic police in 2012 and asked if he could work with them. The police officials got so impressed with his passion that they authorised him to become a traffic warden. He now works at Hens Circle near Central Library, Coles Park where he directs traffic.

“We encourage his interest in controlling traffic. He informs us immediately when something big happens,” says Sathya Narayana Singh as per a report in the Bangalore Mirror.    

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(All images sourced from Twitter/Bangalore Mirror)