As if we weren’t already in love with the way the New Zealand government is leading the country, we just found another reason – its advertisement for the ‘keep it real online’ campaign. 


In an advertisement shared by Twitter user Darren Ewing, the New Zealand government hilariously and succinctly drives home the lesson on why parents/guardians need to ensure that kids don’t look to porn as an example of real-life relationships. 

The ad shows a couple, in the buff, entering a woman’s house and stating that they were there to meet her son, who often views them on a laptop, mobile, tab, etc. The assumption is clear – he is viewing porn. 

And that’s when the woman decides, she needs to have ‘the talk’ with her son, about why porn is not an indication of how sex works and why consent is of utmost importance. 

What’s brilliant about the advertisement is that it does not insinuate that banning porn is the answer, because curious minds will always find a way to watch pornographic content. What is important is to have an honest, open conversation with children and young adults.

Twitter was more than impressed by the advertisement, and even shared some of the other advertisements by NZ Govt. to show, this ad wasn’t a one-time wonder: 

Is there anything in which New Zealand is not leading the way?