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‘Tis the season to cast your vote and change the world. The election season is upon us, and the majority of us have already shaped our tomorrow by casting ballots for an impactful government. As they say, ‘The ballot is stronger than the bullet’, but, as a young millennial, I still wonder, are my peers making the most of this perennial power?

Incapabale leaders are elected by good people who don’t vote.

Kudos to Fab India, for instilling in all of us the thought of exercising our power and its importance in shaping the future for generations to come. 

Today, the question seems almost quaint: Is the younger generation voting?

In an era of woke millennials, most people are already aware of the challenges faced by the youth of the country. Right from finding a productive place within the society to satisfactory employment; it’s crucial for every millennial to chose the right leader who encompasses the ability to tackle these glaring issues. Fab India is urging all of us to go get inked and make our #ProudFirstMark count; it’s not our right, it’s our power!

As a group, we can sway the election season as we have the potential to be extremely influential in this country. 

If you intend to vote or have already voted, urge others to do the same. Trust me on this, it is merely a matter of time before millennials become the largest and the most powerful group influencing future elections in our country. The power to choose is in each and every one of us, cast your vote because voting is the first act of building a community! Vote to believe and rise because this year, #ItsMyVote!