With air pollution in India reaching alarming levels, don’t you just want to escape to the mountains where you can breath clean air? Well, the Canadian company that brought the mountain air to the Chinese, now wants to do the same for wheezing Indians. 

Hoping to cash in on the pollution woes of Indians, Vitality Air, based in Edmonton in the western province of Alberta is all set to start the sale of canned bottle of air in India at the price of Rs 12.50 per breath, reported Hindustan Times.

The air will made available in 3-litre and 8-litre cans, with twin-packs costing between Rs 1,450 and Rs 2,800.

The company was much talked about last year after it launched its product in China, where smog levels are quite high and apparently was hugely successful there.

Vitality Air’s founder, Moses Lam, is confident about the product in India.  

“The pollution in India is more than in China, we expect it to be our largest market,” he told Hindustan Times.

Vitality Air was co-founded by Moses Lam and Troy Paquette in 2014. They travelled to the mountains in Alberta, western Canada for the fresh air, which is home to over 600 lakes. In the mountains, massive cans are filled, through clean compression, with pure revitalising air.

Vitality Air sells its product saying it is “enhancing vitality one breath at a time,” and says it can help with “hangovers, alertness and working out,” as well as being “your solution to pollution”.