This wedding season, most of us are missing shaadi ka khana. However, a family in Chennai has found the perfect solution to beat our shaadi blues. 

Along with the wedding invite, this Tamil family sent bags of food – complete with Sambar, Rasam, Potato fry and all our other favourites. So no one feels left out during the virtual wedding. 

A Twitter user shared pictures of the elaborate kalyanam saapadu that has our mouth watering. The invited guests received four bags, each of which had two big and two small tiffin carriers and banana leaves. There were a total of 12 dishes including sambar, rasam, puli sadham to payasam and kheer packed inside the bags along with instructions on the placement of each item on the banana leaf, just the way it is traditionally meant to be eaten. 

Prepared by Arusuvai Arasu Caterers, the food was delivered with the help of a technology-enabled logistics firm – Unanu Technologies which is run by Srinivasan Sundararajan, a friend of the host.

We just had to deliver the bags, it was a return gift for the recipients. There were a lot of challenges, but it was a learning experience. As the size of each package was different and huge, it was impossible to deliver it on bikes using food delivery agents and that personal touch would also have been lost if it was done through them. 

-Srinivasan Sundararajan to The Hindu

In total, 700 packages were delivered at 250 homes. Twitter was impressed with this brilliant and innovative idea. 

Who else is craving some South Indian food now?