There’s no doubt that a wedding is a union that is celebrated with our most loved ones and there is a couple who made sure that it happens no matter what.

When Karim and Louise Rezaie decided to tie the knot, they wanted their six-month-old daughter to be in attendance.

However, their daughter, Layla, was born with a rare illness due to which she was hospitalised since the day she was born in December.

Given her condition, Layla couldn’t leave the hospital for the big celebration. Therefore, the couple decided to bring their big celebration to their daughter.

On May 21st, the 38-year-old psychological therapist and the 30-year-old psychological wellbeing practitioner got hitched at Bristol Children’s Hospital, right by the side of their daughters’ bed.

Layla has CHARGE syndrome, due to which she has hearing loss, heart defects and several complex complications.

However, the couple didn’t let her illness act as a barrier on their special day and made sure that she was dressed in a cute pink dress.

As she watched her parents taking their vows, her hospital room was decorated with a cake, balloons and pictures of the family.

Here’s the entire post by UHBW NHS:

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How gorgeous is little Layla?