Seems like the buzz around our beloved cow isn’t ending any soon! 

And this time, the Rabari community in Vadodara, Gujarat, took their love for cows a little too far by replacing them with trophies for a cricket tournament. 

As per a report in ANI,  the community which is predominantly into cattle farming, decided to award  a ‘Gyr’ calf each to all the members of the winning team of the tournament.

They did this to raise awareness about the importance of cows. 

“With this tournament we want to send a message that cow is a very important component in our society. Rabari community has always protected the cattle as it is our livelihood,” organiser of the tournament Prakash Rabari told ANI.

A player Raju Rabari said they want the state to recognise cow as the national animal and added that the players were ecstatic to receive them as prizes.  

(Feature image source: ANI)