On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated in the USA and over 20 million people came on the roads in peaceful protests for environmental reforms.  


50 years later, forget saving it, humans have instead actively contributed to destroying the planet, ruining ecological balance, and putting selfish needs over our responsibility to future generations and other living species.

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Today, the world is at a standstill, brought to an abrupt, unplanned stop by the force of a virus. And what this pandemic has taught us is that Earth holds an incomparable ability to repair and rejuvenate. 


Cleaner air and water, better AQI, the return of wildlife, and countless other examples prove that it took Earth less than 5 months to achieve what humans have been trying to do for 50 years.

Less than 5 months of factories shutting off production, of humans not littering, of controlled traffic on roads, of limited use of plastic, of simply being, a little more conscious of our actions, and it feels like the Earth almost had a rebirth. 

But then, what do we take away from this period? 

If the lockdown has reminded us of the value of warm hugs, it has also reminded us of what we need to do to make this world a better place for all living beings. 


However unfortunate the reason for this lockdown is, it can’t be ignored that this has been a wake-up call for how we humans need to do better. That sustainable living is not a fancy thought, but rather a reality that we all an easily adopt. 

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Simple actions like carrying our own containers, recycling items, choosing eco-friendly brands, opting for public transport, consuming as per our needs and not greed, can indeed go a long way in helping the environment. 

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Earth is home to millions of specifies of flora and fauna and not one of them is responsible for the destruction of the planet. That’s only on us humans – the most intelligent species living on this beautiful, wonderful world. 


On this Earth Day, the least we can do is to make a vow to ourselves, to do better. To be better human beings and actively work towards repairing and looking after the planet we all call home. 

Whether it’s calling out corporate giants for environmental malpractices, demanding better policies from the government, or simply improving individual actions, it is important to do our bit. It is crucial that we remember that yes, every action does count. 


If for no other reason, then this, that the Earth is literally all we got. And we can’t get off it. Then might as well work towards keeping it safe and healthy!