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The month of Ramadan has come to an end and there’s a lot to look back to. Waking up for Suhoor, going through the entire day without food and water, waiting for Azaan, getting excited for Iftaari, all of it just makes you realize how privileged you are to share this happiness with your loved ones. This month surely played with your body clock but in the end, it was worth it. Let’s hope all our duas get accepted! Now, we can’t wait to salivate off the good ol’ Eid Biryani and celebrate with all our closed ones. 

Eid Mubarak to everyone from us and we hope the year ahead brings you peace and joy!

Eid is not just about food, yeah don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about the “couture”. Jeez! It’s about time for our very own MET Gala 2.0 and we are all set to make some statements with our outfits; which takes us back to this video which was released by Reliance Trends recently. The video is about the charm of Eid and we are in pure awe of it! 

This video took us through the journey of Ramadan and the warm-fuzzy ending got us in all the feels. Eid or any other festival is not the same without family and loved ones. Also for everyone living away from home, just grab a box of tissues before you watch the video because it’s hundred per cent capable of making you bawl like a baby. Coming back to it, yes we’re all set to enter Eid parties like total divas and hog on mouth-watering delicacies but at the same time, we plan to give back to people who made this and every other Ramadan experience beautiful for us. There’s no better Eidi than pure love and you shouldn’t shy away from showing it to people who truly deserve it. 

Reliance Trends really nailed it when it comes to getting across the message of spreading love and happiness. Watch the video below: