A former top cop in Kerala has made public statements about what results in children becoming criminals. And his theories are pretty bizarre. 

Alexander Jacob, who served as Director General of Police (prisons) in Kerala, was speaking at a television talk show when he dispensed such gems as babies delivered through Caesarian section being more prone to become criminals. 

The topic of the discussion at the show titled ‘My Doctor’ was ‘Criminal Tendency in Adolescents’, reported The Newsminute.

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There’s more. Here’s what the recipient of the President’s Police Medal for Meritorious Service on the Republic Day had to say: 

  • According to Jacob, scientific studies in the US and France on people involved in shootouts have found that 80% of them were born through C-Section (caesarean birth). Jacob said that when the new-born child sees the doctor holding a knife dripping with the blood of his mother, he or she develops criminal tendencies.

Wait, what? Newborns can see all that? 

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  • Next, Jacob said that killers who commit murders with a knife or something sharp are born using forceps delivery (a type of assisted vaginal delivery where forceps are used to guide the baby’s head out of the birth canal). Jacob said such babies have a higher tendency to hit people on the head.

We Googled but couldn’t find any such findings.

  • Then, he said criminals are born and with a specific chromosome. He said while women are born with XX chromosomes, men with XY chromosomes, criminals are born with XYY chromosomes.

No concrete research to establish that, again.

  • Jacob further said that what women read during pregnancy determines how the child would grow up. So children born to women who read crime or thriller novels during pregnancy are more likely to become criminals. And if mothers read novels about saints, the children become priests and nuns

Wonder what happens to children whose mothers who read comics.