Are you a self-proclaimed couch potato whose superpower is their unmatched laziness? Does your dream job include making money by just sinking your butt into the couch and doing nothing? 


Well, the lords of sloths have answered all your prayers! 

The University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany is working on a project examining laziness and the lack of ambition around us. How does that help us, the couch potatoes? 


Well, they are offering a highly-exclusive paid scholarship and an “idleness grant” to their applicants who are seriously committed to the art of doing nothing. 


 Wondering exactly how much they’ll be paying their three lucky applicants? A scholarship of €1,600 ( Rs.1,41,406, approx) 


If you’re reading this while you’re slouching on your sofa, snuggling on your bed or stuffing your face with chips, all you have to do is convince a jury that your chosen area of specialty is “active inactivity”. 

Indian Express

You can submit your anonymous pitches by September 15th, explaining why you’ll be so great at this job but be really very careful because there are only 3 positions available. 


 The application form lists two questions: ‘What do you not want to do?’ and ‘Why is it important not to do this thing in particular?’


Professor Friedrich von Borries, the mastermind behind this project is on a mission to understand laziness and how we respond to the everyday hustle-bustle. 


Through his study, he also wants to see if our busy schedules have an ‘eco-social’ transformation. He said, ‘It is about exiting the constant success spiral, getting off life’s hamster wheel.’

If we want to live in a society that consumes less energy, wastes fewer resources, this is not the right system of values. Wouldn’t it be nicer to gain social prestige by saying: ‘I have time to dream, meet friends, put up my feet – I have time to do nothing?’ The search for success never ends, even if people have financial security. 

-Professor Friedrich von Borries


Well, whoever said nothing in life comes free, knew what they were talking about. Laziness is a talent and it should be up for sale. Welcome to the 21st century, folks.