We have not yet completely recovered from the pandemic – the same one that promoted washing hands regularly with soap and maintaining basic hygiene – and people out there have started asking people to ‘stop using soap to wash hands.’

A Twitter user, LifeMathMoney, who gives ‘Real Advice For Men,’ sharing her wisdom said, “Stop using soap to wash hands before eating. Just wash with water. Your immune system can handle germs.”

She talked about how washing hands with soap results in soap ending up in your stomach and messing up with your gut bacteria. She had two ‘proofs’ for her theory – first-world countries having more people with allergies and a homemade video.


She also made a trust-me-bro-esque argument saying, “There’s no way it’s good for your health.” As if, the germs and bacteria you’ll be ingesting are. So, of course, this ‘real advice’ didn’t sit well with people and they didn’t stay back from responding.


I wonder what people learnt from the global pandemic.

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