Michael James Schneider was fed up. He was fed up of seeing balloons on his feed. 

Wedding? Balloons. Bridal shower? Balloons. Gender reveal? Balloons. 

So, he decided to come up with his version of this aesthetic and started posting pictures that had motivational quotes written with balloons. Like this one:

In an interview given to Bored Panda, he said:

I try to make commentary about, or poke fun at, social media. The balloons were a social media trope often used in bridal showers and gender reveals, so they were a natural progression of that idea. I love the contrast of profound, funny, or challenging quotes spelled in silly balloons. And since another common cliche is endless selfies, I tend to put myself in most of the photos. They often make people cringe, but the cringe is the point.

His posts are reaching thousands of people now, and here are some of our favourite ones.

1. That’s one way to look at things.

2. Motto to live by.

3. Indeed.

4. For everyone who is going mad in the rush to be productive during this pandemic.

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hustle memory (quote by @jennyjaffe)

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5. 2020 in a nutshell.

6. An old classic which has found a new meaning in these tough times.

7. The real ones always do.

8. Oh, the number of people who need to read this.

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…oh… (quote by @endrys_ian)

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9. What do you not understand about this?

10. A very important lesson.

11. That’s how caterpillars become butterflies.

13. Be courageous.

14. Note to my younger self.

15. Never happens.

16. Put down the phone and get your sleep.

17. It’s how they deal with things. Don’t let that affect you.

18. Getting each other doesn’t necessarily mean you should be together.

19. Don’t haggle. It’s not a flea market.

10. Sorry is a word that only means something when it’s accompanied with action.

Keep flying high.

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