Haryana Police has arrested five of the six accused in the murder of two on-duty cops in Sonipat district last week. The sixth accused was killed by the police in Jind district.

Indian Express

According to NDTV, one of the murdered cops – Ravinder Singh, heroically scribbled the registration number of the accused’s vehicle on his palm before he was killed, thus helping the police department identify the culprit. 


The number was first noticed during his post-mortem and helped his colleagues solve his murder along with the murder of Special Police Officer Kaptan Singh. 

New Indian Express

Speaking to reporters on the same subject, Manoj Yadava, Haryana police chief, said: 

It was basic policing skill that our brave Constable Ravinder Singh displayed before losing his life. He had scribbled the vehicle number on his hand which was noticed during the post-mortem. 

Ravinder Singh and Kaptan Singh were found lying in a pool of blood last Tuesday. The inquiry suggested that they had seen the accused drinking in a car parked on the side of the Sonipat-Jind road. After trying to stop them drinking, they were attacked with sharp weapons, leading to their deaths.