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If you’re looking to score your Chandler, who is the most important person in your life from 9-to-5, then make sure he/she isn’t like Tony. Trust me on this, while I’m writing this article, Tony is busy sipping his fifth coffee at the breakout, and it’s only 12! Ask that slacker why weren’t the last two briefs submitted on time, “I was overburdened”, comes a stark reply. 

It’s not my job to police my co-worker, Tony, on his work ethics. But, I can’t always sit and stew, right? It’s the appraisal month, and his work graph has risen lesser than the possibility of NOT finding any GOT and Endgame spoilers on Twitter. I’ve stealthily tried to motivate Tony and miserably failed!

As Tony is too shy (read: busy procrastinating) to come forward and stand up, here’s a visual representation feat. Rahul Subramanian, that aptly shows a day with him at work.

Update: It’s been 2 hours, Tony still hasn’t returned from his lunch break, and the boss is fuming over all the undone work. 

If you didn’t know already, such people are known as Office Dinosaurs. These sluggards are not incompetent, it’s their lack of motivation and drive to get better with no morals, and no clue about the future. Such lazy co-workers like Tony will be extinct soon if they don’t upscale their skills. Y’all agree to that, right?

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There’s at least one office dinosaur in every workplace and their laziness can grate the entire organisation. 

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