It’s not common that a stranger searches for you if you lose something precious in broad daylight. However, for an Indian residing in London named Rahul, things had a very filmy ending after he lost his wallet with all his cash and credit cards.

Ghazi Taimoor, a Pakistani living in London, came across a brown-hued wallet on Shoreditch High Street stacked with important cards belonging to a person named Rahul. 

He then decided to initiate a heartwarming search to find its rightful owner through a very filmy Twitter thread that is now totally winning the internet.

He started his hunt by trying to find Rahul on different social media platforms, but couldn’t find him. 

He even searched him on Google Images, but it was a dead end.

He then went on LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, and found three profiles, of which one worked in their city. Unfortunately, the account was locked and the Samaritan couldn’t reach out to the man.

Oh well, you might think that he gave up, right? Well, no. It’s quite the opposite actually.

He then tried to look for Rahul’s office address. He found his address on their annual accounts filed on Companies House.

And now, things got really fun. He started using SRK references for searching for his very own ‘Rahul’.

After a quick coffee break, he began his journey again.

He’s almost there.

FINALLY! All the effort paid off and the hunt ended with Rahul in tears upon meeting the kind stranger.

The live-tweeted hunt has garnered over 12.7K likes already.

While some called it the best thread of the year, others applauded him for his kind gesture. Here are some of the best responses ever.

Cute, isn’t it?