India is a goldmine of innovation when it comes to ways of cheating in examination. And here is a student from Hyderabad who has been caught for cheating using mobile phone which he hid in his underwear.


The student was appearing for his class XII examinations this year. On March 12, he reached the examination centre late and was thus subjected to frisking by officials. It was then found that there was a small microphone attached to his ear which was connected through bluetooth with a mobile phone hidden in his underwear. He was then handed over to the police.


Upon investigation it was found that he had ‘successfully’ appeared in two exams before on March 9 and March 10 where he wasn’t caught. The police have also arrested his accomplice, an engineering student, who gave him answers over the phone from outside.

Police say that the boy had knowledge about cellphone hardware as he had earlier worked in a mobile shop as per a report by NDTV

(Feature image source: YouTube/DunyaNews  )