In a bizarre incident, a 30-year-old woman in Hyderabad killed her newborn son, and left him to die in a street on Tuesday, reported Times Of India

Purnima, a shopkeeper’s wife who already had two sons had expected a daughter the third time, but when a boy was born again, she got extremely depressed and started keeping away from him. 

She even urged her husband to give him away, but when her family members opposed her, she took recourse to this drastic action, says the report.

b’Source: Reuters’

On Tuesday night, she slit the throat of her son with a shaving blade and left him there to die. In an effort to prove her innocence, she called her husband, Sridhar Raju, and claimed that thieves had robbed her jewellery and attacked the child.

The traumatized father rushed to the spot and took his son to the hospital, but was declared dead.

b’Source: Womens news’

The police began investigating the case, but found loopholes in Purnima’s statements. What confirmed their suspicions was her suspicious behaviour, since she didn’t seem upset about the incident. 

The further questioned her on which she reportedly admitted to her crime after which she was arrested and charged with murder.