When 33-year-old businessman Utkarsh Katta left behind a bag containing Rs 4.5 lakh in a taxi, he thought there was no way he’d get his money back. But thankfully, the taxi driver’s incredible gesture, made sure he did.

Sunil Kumar, the 38-year-old cab driver had dropped Utkarsh to Saket on Thursday and neither realised that the bag containing the cash was left behind, reported Times Of India

b’Representative image/Source: PTI’

It was only after Kumar reached the taxi stand at the IGI Airport that he noticed the bag lying in the back seat . He immediately informed the stand authorities, and with the help of a receipt which had the passenger’s details, he managed to locate the owner.

Kumar then contacted Katta and his bag was duly returned to him, with all the money intact. As a token of gratitude, Katta offered Kumar Rs 5000. 

b’Source: Reuters’

Now, The Delhi Airport Taxi Union (DATU) is using this case to encourage their drivers to help travellers in such situations, and help create a reliable customer-server relationship.