If you ever had any doubt about Donald Trump’s ego, he made it extremely clear with a distasteful 141-character tweet about the Orlando shooting in which patted himself on the back. Trump turned the worst mass shooting in US history into a congratulatory note all about himself.

Here’s the controversial tweet:

He also leveraged the incident to  to called out US President Barack Obama for not pointing out that the attack was due to “radical Islamic terrorism”, and that he should immediately resign. 

Trump’s criticism of Obama seems unwarranted as the President termed the shooting as an “attack on all of us”.

Obama’s message was more tempered than Trump’s venom-spewing one as he spoke about how Americans were united in their grief, their outrage and in their resolve to defend their people.

Trump’s triumphant and Islamophobic tweet was also markedly different from Hillary Clinton’s more mournful and empathetic tweet.

Social media was quick to slam Trump for his insensitive tweets.