Women sharing stories under the #metoo campaign has evoked mixed reactions from all corners. While a few have spoken out against the casual practice of sexual harassment, there are a few who have also encouraged more women to speak up and stand their ground against sexual harassers.

As more women speak out about the harassment they have faced at the hands of co-workers, employers or out in public, Kolkata Police had a cautionary but tender reaction to the campaign.

Pledging to take complaints of women seriously, the post encouraged more women to just “walk into police stations to report sexual harassment”. 

Their promise? “Our officers are there to hear your experiences with patience and kindness and take your complaints”. At a time when the dialogue on sexual harassment points out the fact that women are uncomfortable or even scared to approach the authorities or dread reiterating their ordeals, this post by the Kolkata Police acts as a shot of courage.

Kolkata Police also highlights the need to talk to boys first in order to curb the rising sexual harassment cases. Their ‘Dear Boys’ initiative conducts counselling sessions with students in schools across Kolkata to deliberate the role of women in the society and the cause of violence perpetrated against them.

A project in collaboration with Kolkata-based journalist Swati Sengupta, they have visited 10 schools of Kolkata. The second part of the Dear Boys initiative will start mid-November.

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