In 2012, the Assam Police launched a commando unit with the aim of controlling crimes against women. 

They named it Veerangana (which literally means ‘adventuress’) and decided that it will be an all-woman unit. 


Initially, people mocked the idea. As Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, the Director-General of Police tells Brut

Some police personnel was skeptical. (They’d say) ‘Look at this guy, trying to create a girls’ outfit as if girls will be able to make a difference’. 

While some people didn’t see the need for a women’s unit, others just doubted their capability. However, proving everyone wrong, these women marched on.

And they were so driven by the cause, that no hurdle on the way could stop them. 

These women come from different backgrounds and many of them have faced difficulties in life. These include sexism, sexual harassment and poverty among others. 

Elaborating on the same, one of the trainees, Kaberi Kathar, tells Brut about the time her in-laws threatened her, saying that if she joins the unit, they will put oil on her. 

They told me to come out of my room. There was a small window, I leapt out of it and left that house. 

Now, while many in the world seem to be against these women, they have found immense support in each other.


The barracks are their safe space and one place where they can be themselves without any fear. 

Veerangana is approximately a 50-women unit and trains the commandoes in the handling of weapons, hand-to-hand combat and maintianing control during a domestic riot.

It is also the country’s first all-woman silent drill commando unit and we couldn’t be prouder of the trainees. 

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