We’re all aware of the impact COVID-19 has had on our country. Not just in terms of the people who have been infected by the virus but also the immense pressure it has placed on the shoulders of our healthcare workers. One such healthcare worker who is in the spotlight right now is Manti Kumari, from Jharkhand. 


A photo of Manti carrying her child on one shoulder and a box of vaccines on the other has been doing the rounds online and has also caught people’s attention. Manti Kumari is a contractual auxiliary nurse midwife who was expected to carry out the immunisation program for young children in Mahuadanr Block of Latehar in Jharkhand. 


Manti is posted at the Chetma health sub-centre, where she has been allotted the responsibility to cover eight villages. Hence, she has to travel 35 kilometers, cross dense forests and rivers to do so. 

Manti shared that she has to keep in mind the levels of the rivers while crossing them and that it is very much a possibility for her to get carried away with the current of the rivers. 

Though these rivers are not very deep, there are always chances of getting carried away along with the stream during the rainy season. Sometimes when the level of water increases, I have to skip that village till the water recedes.

-Manti Kumari told The New Indian Express

Even though this is an act of bravery and sheer resilience, and a lot of people have tweeted applauding her dedication. This whole scenario makes you wonder whether any of this is fair to her and her entire family. Here are some things that people have said about her online. 

Well, whatever it is, she’s a tough cookie.