With the recent increase in crime rates across the city, cases of harassment are being shared on social media to create an awareness and encourage women to beware of their surroundings. One such incident that took place in ITO, New Delhi was shared by a journalist who was cornered and flashed outside her office building. 

Source: Standard Pro

She knew she was being followed and just wanted to drive away, hurrying towards her car in the parking lot. 

woman running
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woman stalked to her car
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He doesn't leave even when she is inside the car and tries to scare her by menacingly awaiting her reaction.  

girl driving away india
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While that does make for a scary read, it goes to show that your first instinct isn't always to take out your pepper spray and sometimes it isn't possible to do so. This journalist also went on to share some safety tips for those who may find themselves in this situation. 

woman with pepper spray
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Another woman reported a similar incident of being followed outside the same building on Twitter.