A popular food curation portal based in Delhi is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Food Talk India had put up a highly sexist photo post on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Many people immediately took it on and called it for what it was, as it depicted that the girls men marry through an arranged marriage would make good rotis, as opposed to the girls you fall in love with and marry. 

This was their post on Facebook:


When their comment section was inundating with people expressing their displeasure with the post, and when Vagabomb shot FTI down in an article, the post was taken down immediately from both their Facebook and Instagram accounts.  

One of the editors at Vagabomb talked to Shuchir Suri, the founder of Food Talk India, and asked him a few questions. This was his response:

“Girl who know how to make rotis have a higher chances arrange marriage than girls who do not.” 

Everybody is entitled to an opinion and it is perfectly justified for an online publication like Vagabomb to have an opinion and give voice to many others who thought that the posts were sexist. And it’s true that seemingly harmless jokes such as this one, stealthily taking a dig at women might someday lead to crimes against women. 

For an educated man like Shuchir Suri to have a stand like this was nothing short of appalling. But what’s more hideous was the unethical, and totally unwarranted reaction from the man himself which was sent to Shibani Bedi, one of the editors at Vagabomb.


Now that’s real mature of you, man! 

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