Putting technology to use, a couple in Kerala recorded an incident where a cop accused them of indulging in a “vulgar” act and asked them to show up at the police station.

Vishnu Vichu went live on Facebook and asked the cop, who was indulging in moral policing, to explain to them what vulgar acts they were doing. The couple was sitting with their hands on each other’s shoulder so what was vulgar about it, Vichu can be seen asking in the video. The cop, however, doesn’t answer his questions and is speechless.

Here is the video:

NDTV reports that 24-year-old Vichu was sitting with his female friend in a park in Thiruvananthapuram when a woman constable came and asked them to come to the police station.

Astonished by such sudden interference, Vichu asked her in Malayalam, “Tell us what vulgar thing did we do? Did you see us kissing each other? Did we hug each other?

Later, Vichu recounted the incident in a Facebook post:

As per the NDTV report, despite the Facebook Live video, the cop took the couple to the police station and even fined them Rs 200 for creating “public nuisance.”

The social media is furious at this moral policing: 

(Feature image source: Facebook)