If you think physical disability is a major hindrance for people in casting their vote, it’s time for a rethink.

A 25-year-old man from Kerala, who lost both his arms in an accident, is shattering this perception.

Abdu Samad P N C of Muzhangaloor, a resident of Malappuram district of Kerala, has not missed any elections in the last seven years since the day he attained the minimum age for voting, reports The Times of India.

b’ABDU Samad (left) / @TOIIndiaNews’

Abdu told TOI, “I think you have no excuse to skip voting. Those who say that they would not vote are either busy or disillusioned with politics, or the candidates fail to excite them. What they don’t understand is that vote is the only way to change it all.” 

Abdu, who is a student of MA Sociology, had his hands amputated at the age of 11 after his hands were nearly electrocuted.

How does he manage to cast his vote?

He just stands on one leg and use the other to press the button on the voting machine. As he doesn’t have fingers, the indelible ink is put on the second toe of his left leg. He signs the register with his leg. He also visits most of the houses in his ward to seek votes for the candidate he supports.