A woman refused to tie the knot with a man here because he failed to get a toilet built at his residence in time for the wedding, agreeing instead to a match with another suitor who had a toilet at home.

Facilitated by a local NGO, the match between the 25- year-old woman hailing from Lucknow and the man was finalised after he agreed to her demand for a toilet to be ready at his house by the date of the wedding, which was to be organised as part of a mass ceremony today.

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However, the woman, who has completed high school education, yesterday called off the wedding after she found that the toilet had not been built, the NGO said.

The woman’s family members backed her decision to not marry the man over the lack of a toilet at his residence, they added.

b’Source: Reuters’

Although the woman’s family members claimed that police were approached in this regard, officials at Barra police station said they were not aware of any such matter.

The NGO, after hearing about the woman’s stand against marrying if there was no toilet at her future husbands place, found another match for her and she gave her consent for the same as there was a toilet at the new suitors residence. 

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