What do you do when there is a nationwide lockdown and you’ve to travel from one state to another? Apparently, buy 25 tonnes of onions and hit the road. 

A man by the name of Prem Murti Pandey who works at the Mumbai Airport did just that to reach his village in Allahabad. 

Pandey spent the first phase of the lockdown in Mumbai, but realized that the lockdown might extend. So, the only thing he could do was sell essential commodities. 

He hired a mini-truck for Pimpalgaon near Nashik, about 200 km way. Then bought watermelons for Rs 10,000 and sent the vehicle back to Mumbai with the consignment.

The Hindu

The guy had already found a way. He had already struck a deal with a buyer in Mumbai and studied the Pimpalgaon market for a good deal in onions.

Deccan Herald

Not just that, he bought 25,520 kilos of onions at Rs 9.10 per kg which cost him Rs 2.32 lakh. He then hired a truck for Rs 77,500 and set off on April 20 with the onions on a 1,200-km journey to Allahabad. He reached there on April 23 and reached the wholesale market on the outskirts of the city.   

The Hindu

Sadly, noone was ready to pay him in cash for all those onions. So, he took it straight to his village in Kotwa Mubarkpur. 

Pandey was screened there and is now in self quarantine. But at least he reached his home. Now all he has to do is just wait for his onions to get sold in the market.