The Ardh Kumbh in Haridwar is an event which attracts saints who have renounced the world and devotees from all over India. Much like the diverse culture of India, this event is known for the unique spiritual leaders who turn up for the event.

One such man, known as “Golden Baba”, was the focus of everyone’s attention at the event in Haridwar as he entered the venue with gold ornaments all over his body. 

The baba, who literally dazzled devotees, came to take a dip in the Ganga, even as his chelas claimed that he wears 15 kilos of gold, which is worth almost Rs 3 crore, reports

The assortment of heavy gold ornaments, which can put even singer Bappi Lahiri to shame, consists of glittering lockets, armbands, heavy rings on all fingers and a custom made diamond watch which alone costs Rs 27 lakh.

When asked about the reason for Baba being covered with jewellery, his followers told The Times Of India

“Just like gold is a precious and rare commodity, so is our guru which is why he is adorned with golden ornaments which befit his personality.”
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The baba says he spends his time helping people like aiding poor parents marry off their daughters. 

The baba’s real name is Sudhir Kumar Makkad, and the 53-year-old guru used to be a trader in garments business before taking sanyas. He claimed that becoming a sage was his way of atoning for the sins he must have committed as a businessman.

But he sure seems to have renounced the world in style. 

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