Bappi Lahiri is known not just for his catchy tunes but also for flashing his gold jewellery like it’s nobody’s business. Since celebrities are known to inspire people’s life choices, this businessman from Pune is following in the musician’s (gold) shoes. 

Free Press Journal

Prashant Sapkal, a young businessman from Pune decided at a very young age that he wanted to be like the king of bling when he grows up. His dream was to become very successful so that he can also afford and flaunt gold like the musician does.

Sapkal’s dream did indeed come true as he now dons 5 kg of gold in various ornaments and items in his daily life. 

Deccan Chronicle

In an interview, Sakpal mentioned that out of all his ornaments, his heavy gold chain and a pendant which is in the shape of the letter ‘P’ is his favourite.


Apart from that, his ensemble includes a heavy kada and a hefty bracelet, both made of pure gold. 

Yahoo News

His love for gold ornaments doesn’t end here. He also carries an iPhone covered in gold casing.


 He ends his gold-y ensemble with flaunting footwear made of, you guessed it, gold!

India Network TV News

Does he also want to be a disco dancer?