Stray dogs have it rough and there are days they go without eating because it’s a game of survival of the fittest. However, Shadow is one lucky street mutt because she has a guardian angel looking after her.

Varghese Oommen took in Shadow and started taking care of her after developing a very special bond with her. Shadow was regularly fed with rice and meat by Oommen and her life took a change for the good.

But being a tour operator, Oommen couldn’t be available all the time to feed the dog so he set up an account in Shadow’s name with a food-delivery app. The account is set up in such a way so that Shadow gets food at the same time at the same spot every day. Oommen told TOI,

The delivery executives come to this spot and call me asking me where they should deliver. I tell them, you can give it to the dog which will be waiting at the front gate.

Radhakrishnan, the security guard of the building where the food gets delivered helps in unpacking the food and later cleans up once she’s done with her meal. Shadow’s choice of food is beef biryani.

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Oommen named her Shadow because she would always follow her around and he even found an apartment in the same area after he had to vacate his last one. He said,

She has stopped scavenging and doesn’t eat junk unlike other strays, ever since I started feeding her. So I have to make sure she gets that food even when I am not around and online delivery seemed the best option.
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We need more people like Oommen!

H/T: Times Of India