The general standard of safety for workers has always been questionable in India. Be it sanitation, factories, mines or any other blue-collar job, there have been various cases where the workers have died or severely injured due to negligence and no safety gear provided to them.   

Sabrang India

A similar instance occurred in Nizampur, Telangana where a contract employee for the local electricity department balanced himself on high-tension wires to remove a stray branch caught in the power line without any gear. 

This dangerous work was done by Noor, who climbed on the electric pole then performed a tightrope walk without any harness. Inch by inch he crawled towards the branch and after finally reaching it, threw it and then crawled back the same way and climbed down with no harm. 

Even though, the man was unharmed, he went through this dangerous procedure with absolutely no precautions and safety measures. 

Twitter criticized the government for assigning such jobs without proper measures. 

According to labour laws and norms, for a dangerous task like the one executed by Noor there should be provision of a helmet, rubber gloves, harness or safety ropes. This instance proves how India is lagging behind when it comes to safety measures.