All the foodies out there might swear that there would go to any extent to express their undying love for chicken. But would they write a leave application to their bosses to request for a week-long holiday just for chicken ? Well, an Indian Railways employee did just that.

Pankaj Raj Gound, a TA-2 employee posted at Deepka area in Chattisgarh’s Bilaspur district has written an application to station master requesting for a week-long leave so that he can stay at home and eat chicken. 

Here is the letter which is now being shared on social media: 

In his letter, the man has written that since Shravan (a month long Hindu festival that falls in monsoon every year) is about to arrive, he won’t able to eat chicken for a whole month. He explains that because of the month-long abstinence from non-vegetarian food, he will become weak . He has requested with ‘folded hands’ that he be allowed to take a week’s leave from June 20 to June 27. In the week long holiday, he wrote that he will stay at home and eat chicken which according to him will give energy. 

In the end, he wrote that the week-long holiday will help him cover the month-long abstinence and will give him the power to work for 24 hours.

While the highly-unique leave application has caught social media’s attention, it is yet unknown whether he was actually granted the leave, reports The Times of India.