Steve Jobs is rightly regarded as one of the smartest innovators of our times. His contribution to technology simply can’t be ignored. I mean, Apple is just such a huge part of our society…


But more than that, Jobs was also a very good speaker as is evident by many of his quotes floating online, some obviously more real than others. And everyone reading this has seen countless videos of inspirational stuff that Jobs has spoken about to the public.  

Today, we came across another such video, where someone from the crowd asked Jobs something, and actually tells him that he doesn’t know what he is doing. 


Now, if you were in his shoes, I am sure there would have been some harsh words exchanged. Except, Jobs took it in his stride and talked about how they as a company knew what the consumer wanted and then worked on it…

… rather than their engineers making something and then them trying to market it. 

Jobs also explains that this was the approach behind the vision he had for Apple. 

You can watch the whole interaction here: