How rare are the chances of getting a MacBook back if you lose it in a train, that too a Mumbai local no less? Even snowball seems to have a chance in hell! 

However, things played out differently for film writer Amborish Roychoudhury, who recently got off a CST-bound local forgetting his backpack carrying Macbook Air. 

Roychoudhury was thrown into a blue funk after he returned home on the evening of June 11 to discover that his backpack was missing. He took to social media to seek help in whatever way possible.

Imagine his joy when he got back his gadget (currently priced at more than Rs 55,000) the next day. Viresh Narsingh Kele, who works with a catering service at Barculla, found the bag and safely returned it to him.


As per Roychoudhury’s Facebook post, Kele found his name and address in an envelope inside the bag and travelled all the way to his house to return the belongings.

The act, says Roychoudhury, has restored his faith in the city, God and humanity. 

Roychoudhury only later discovered that Viresh wasn’t a railway employee but a passenger who missed his destination and found his bag in an abandoned compartment. He put up a post on Facebook to clear the air.

For Roychoudhury, this incident might have restored his faith in God, but for us, it just reinforced in our heads Mumbai’s image of an honest city. No wonder the maximum city was ranked the most honest city in India and the second-most honest city in the world following a unique social experiment.